Haunting Romance, Sizzling Suspense,
as by Leah Brent

Sea Change

A woman afraid of the ocean falls for a man dedicated to protecting it—even if it destroys her hometown forever.

When Jessie gets a message from her ex-fiance, he finally tells her the three little words she’s been longing to hear: I forgive you. She rushes home to Gloucester, Massachusetts to face him again, only to fall into the arms of dashing marine biologist Nathan Pearce. His wheelchair can’t contain his spirit, or his quest to make Jessie his own, but Nate’s on the wrong side of the fishery debate that threatens to tear Gloucester apart. Jessie must let go her own sorrow to mediate the growing conflict. Can she overcome the tragedy that drove her away and give in to the passion that might bring her home to stay?
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Sinner’s Lips

Murder is the leading cause of death for pregnant women in America–and Amanda’s sister is about to become a statistic.

When Amanda answers the phone, her sister whispers “Barry Manilow,” a code phrase sending Amanda on a wild drive to save her sister from her bullying spouse. Amanda arrives too late, with her sister already dying, a newborn crying, and a killer stalking her through the woods. Accused of the murder, Amanda takes refuge with Mark Forester, a hunky ex-con weary of fighting to re-gain his dignity. Suspects include a retired mobster, a popular politician, a new gang, and the quilting rival who envied everything her sister had, including her husband.

Mark’s reluctance to get involved dissolves when he opens himself to the passionate heart of this self-titled “Snow Queen,” and she awakens the spirit he buried in prison. Dodging bullets and the law, Amanda searches for the truth of her sister’s death and Mark’s conviction, all the while pretending she can easily let him go. Amanda’s need arouses the superhero Mark longed to be, but coming to her rescue may force him to betray his best friend and send him straight back to prison, never to return.
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