Bone Guard

The Fascist Frame (Bone Guard 5)

A stolen library, an old adversary, a league of warriors lying in wait…

When they receive a package from the Warden—the old-school Nazi whose hirelings nearly killed Grant in Arizona—Grant’s surprised it’s not a bomb but a job offer. The Warden holds the clue to a stash of Italian artworks stolen by the Nazis, which includes a thousand-year-old library stolen from the Jews of Rome. Trouble is, the stash has been tapped to raise money for the Gladio, a secret anti-Communist army established after WWII.

D.A. talks the Bone Guard into taking the job, but how do you know whom to trust when the Nazis write your paycheck? The Gladio leader wants his treasure, the Bone Guard wants to save the library—and the Warden’s not saying what she’s really after. A young historian helps them sort out the clues, from a ruined town to a buried Flak Tower, but they’re completely unprepared for what they find…

When betrayal comes, even Grant can’t brace for impact. The Bone Guard returns in their most dangerous adventure yet!

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The Maya Bust (Bone Guard 4)

A secret stash, a hidden crypt, a father’s love—spelled out in blood

When his commander’s estranged daughter vanishes in Guatemala, Grant Casey treks a deadly jungle and dives a sacred cenote to free her from a drug smuggler looking for a stash in an ancient pyramid.

Before his death in a rain of gunfire at her Quinceañeria, Raxha’s druglord father encoded a map on a cacao cup, a map that might lead her to millions in drugs in the tomb of Maya royalty.  Determined to claim her father’s legacy, kidnapping is only the beginning of a quest that may end with Raxha tearing out the heart of her enemy.  When the ransom exchange goes south, Grant embeds with the bad guys in a desperate attempt to rescue the victims before they become the latest blood sacrifice.

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The Roman Candle (Bone Guard 6)

A hidden masterpiece points the way to a treasure lost since the fall of Rome!

Before fleeing her Mossad pursuers, his Nazi client, the Warden, leaves Grant Casey a final gift—or is it a curse? An unknown Caravaggio, coveted by collectors, and hunted by the man who chained Grant to a sinking ship and left him for dead. When the painting goes missing, an ambitious art restorer will do anything to gain access to the lost work—even if it’s over Grant’s dead body.

Renaissance science and the artist’s tragic life and untimely death provide the clues, while team member D.A.’s past rises to haunt the hunters. The last thing Grant wants is to get involved, but if his enemy wins the race, it’s literally the beginning of the end:  the flame to inspire the Apocalypse.

“If you like James Rollins or Dan Brown then this is right up your alley.” –bestselling adventure novelist Douglas Pratt

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