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Conquistador’s Blood (Bone Guard 7)

Stolen gold, Zuni warriors, a legacy poisoned forever!

The blood of conquistadors flows in their veins…

When the patriarch of the clan Casaverde drops dead at home, his last words are Grant Casey’s name—but Grant hasn’t spoken to anyone from that family since his parents died, and the clan shut him out. The lure of the half-siblings he’s never met gets him as far as the New Mexico estate where his father was raised, the one they left from the night of the accident that shattered Grant’s life and blew his future.

Coronado’s treasure may be legend, and half the family’s determined to find it—the other half to bury that legacy and pretend the past never happened. Grant wants nothing from these people, but everybody suddenly wants something from him. His parents’ secrets propel him into the hunt for the lost gold, an adventure from the pueblos of the southwest to the shipwrecks of the Gulf Coast, and beyond.

Four hundred years of blood-stained history obscure the truth about the conquest—the truth his parents died for. All Grant can hope is that it won’t kill him, too.

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The Fascist Frame (Bone Guard 5)

A stolen library, an old adversary, a league of warriors lying in wait…

When they receive a package from the Warden—the old-school Nazi whose hirelings nearly killed Grant in Arizona—Grant’s surprised it’s not a bomb but a job offer. The Warden holds the clue to a stash of Italian artworks stolen by the Nazis, which includes a thousand-year-old library stolen from the Jews of Rome. Trouble is, the stash has been tapped to raise money for the Gladio, a secret anti-Communist army established after WWII.

D.A. talks the Bone Guard into taking the job, but how do you know whom to trust when the Nazis write your paycheck? The Gladio leader wants his treasure, the Bone Guard wants to save the library—and the Warden’s not saying what she’s really after. A young historian helps them sort out the clues, from a ruined town to a buried Flak Tower, but they’re completely unprepared for what they find…

When betrayal comes, even Grant can’t brace for impact. The Bone Guard returns in their most dangerous adventure yet!

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The Mongol’s Coffin (Bone Guard 1)

Veteran heroes, a secret map, a legendary lost tomb!

When a grad student discovers a musical map to Genghis Khan’s tomb, her scholarly life explodes into arson and gunfire. Grant Casey brings in his team for a race to the tomb—to prevent Chinese authorities from burying it forever.

From Cambridge, Massachusetts to Cambridge, England Grant’s team searches for clues—then flies to Inner Mongolia, bringing together a Mongolian singer, a Hong Kong billionaire with a secret past, and Grant’s former commanding officer, who hates his guts.

Mongolian traditions clash with modern priorities in a high-stakes adventure to save one of the world’s greatest lost treasures.

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The Nazi Skull (Bone Guard 2)

A sunken U-boat, a desert hit-squad, a family secret that might bury Grant forever!

When there’s a break-in at the tribal center on the reservation where he grew up, Grant flies home to Arizona only to find himself confronting white supremacists, Nazi eugenics and the tribal elder who refuses to speak his name: his own grandfather. Will Grant recover the most famous skeleton ever lost—or will he join the bones in their eternal rest?

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