Dive into the thrilling depths of “Crossbones,” where the fearless and cunning Rikki Talens embarks on her most daring adventure yet. Following the whispers of history and legends, Rikki sets her sights on the long-lost treasure of the notorious pirate Gasparilla. Her journey is fraught with danger, as she navigates treacherous waters, rival treasure hunters, and the mysteries of the deep, all while unraveling the secrets of one of the most elusive bounties in pirate lore. In this gripping tale of courage, betrayal, and unimaginable discoveries, Rikki Talens will stop at nothing to unearth the truth, proving once again why she is one of the most dynamic treasure hunters of her time. Join Rikki on her quest for glory and treasure in “Crossbones,” where the past and present collide in the hunt for a treasure that could change everything.

I’m co-writing this exciting new series with the amazing Douglas Pratt! Best-selling author of the Chase Gordon Tropical Thrillers, among many other things.

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Rikki shares an adventure with Devi Alexander of the Rogue Adventure series in Thrill Ride: Sisters in Arms–check it out!