Introducing Nigel Rowe, disgraced British anthropologist who now risks his hide to earn more “likes” and further the cause of cultural justice while discovering the odd treasure along the way…

“Nigel hated his brother’s head. Always had done…”

When YouTube adventure host Nigel Rowe attends the wedding of his beloved niece, he encounters a woman of Maori descent trying to convince his brother to return the preserved head he uses as a paperweight. When his lordship refuses–in a particularly callous way–it’s up to Nigel to steal his brother’s prized possession and return it to its rightful home. Will Nigel destroy what’s left of his family standing to do what’s right for a total stranger? in The Manky Head! (also in audio!)

Then grab the first three Rogue Adventures! Bloody Baja…

Becoming an internet sensation wasn’t Nigel Rowe’s first plan, or even his third, but now he’s gone and done it! Alas, his fame, or notoriety, has accumulated him a wide variety of enemies, one of whom has offered a price for his head.

When ex-Marine Devi Alexander strolls up for a bodyguard interview, and dresses him down for his lax security, she might be precisely what he needs, or the last face he’ll ever see.  Either way, Nigel’s willing to give it a go, and together with an unreliable guide, they plunge into the mountains in search of wealth, fame, and footage destined for viral consumption.  Pray the video’s not of Nigel taking a shot to the head. After all, a man can’t enjoy his ratings if he’s six feet under.  Five stars!  Splat him again!

On the hunt for a legendary Jesuit mission, a sunken pirate ship, and a lost silver mine, Nigel and Devi must work together to overcome their adversaries. Will Nigel survive long enough to work out who’s after him, or meet a sticky end in the mountains of Mexico?  All he can hope is that his new partner’s not the one who takes him down.