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Bone Guard Book Launch Blaster Bash!

Join me and the rest of the Bone Guard blaster squad for an evening of foam-flinging fun to celebrate the release of The Fascist Frame!  April 14, from 7 to 9 pm at Thrive Outdoors, 190 Elm St. Manchester, NH (Thrive isn’t visible from street level, you’ll see a giant Dunkin sign, and a driveway that dips down on that end)

There will be a reading and chat about the book, then a series of Bone Guard themed games. Play along, or just watch the fun! All of the novels will be available for purchase and signing!the five members of the Bone Guard Books foam blaster tag team pose with their favorite blasters at the Thrive Outdoors leadership center

Boskone Science Fiction Convention

Are you up for an in-person convention after so long? I  know I am!  We’ll be masked and vaxxed and ready to go!  I’m on panels all weekend, and also part of a group reading including the amazing Esther Friesner, and the outstanding C. S. E. Cooney!  There are also free events on Friday, and virtual events throughout the weekend for those joining us from home!…

Ample Hills Creamery In-person Reading

September 28th at 7 pm, I’ll be reading with the fabulous Randee Dawn, and the amazing C. S. E. Cooney.  Your ticket for this event includes ice cream!  Ample Hills Creamery, Brooklyn, NY.  What will I be reading from? Well…I’m hoping it will be my next historical fantasy novel, which has a tentative release date next April.  Much more news to follow! In the meantime, we do expect this event to sell out due to space limitations at the Creamery rooftop!  Here’s your link for more information and to get tickets!…